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Top 8 Television in the World

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Televisions are the integral part of today’s entertainment. From experimental stage of 1920’s to today’s age of Television, This, entertainment device has changed upside down. Initially it was black-and-white screen then comes with color on screen.

Due to high reach and direct contact with potential user, Televisions occupied a big part in advertising industry.

Starting from cathode ray tube transmission on a flat screen to today’s LED, OLED or SMART TV’s , This transmission devices still comes with new innovation day by day.

In this blog we will talk about New Innovative Televisions That is going to Launched in near future.

OnePlus TV

First comes with OnePlus TV, yes global smartphone brand is going to launched it’s first smart tv is September- October 2019. While major specification are not on floor of internet but still sources confirms about the size of screen of 43, 55, 65 and 75-inch. The big 75” size is available only for China and US Market.

This is the first ever smart tv by One plus and it will comes in 4K OLED display with google assistance and pre-installed jio apps.

Sony X1 Ultimate

This comes with new processor that offer twice real time processing power. The Sony X1 Ultimate will work with  object based technology to it render each object independently. The display offers a brightness of 10,000nits

According to the quotes of Mikichika Sakata, Deputy General Manager, Product Design Dept “It is truly touching to see the picture quality of our prototype. It is our wish to deliver and share the same emotions to as many customers as possible.”

The highlights of this sony master Television series are

  • Processing signals at ultra-high bit rates
  • Fine-tuning signals for specific panels
  • Incorporating the finest components

Samsung QLED 8K

It’s Time to blown up your mind with this new innovative tv by Samsung, OLED 8K, It will cost you as equal to Jaguar XE. This television some in only two sizes, the first size is 65 inches (smallest in this segment) and 98 inches (full-sized), the bigger one is cost your nearly 60 lakh Inr and only available on your order.

The QLED 8K packed with 33 million pixels that gives you immersive experience of watching.

Tcl 8K TVs

The Tcl 8k series comes with 75 inches screen size and company plans to launch it in 2020. The features of 8K or 4K are almost same but 8K support HDR10 and Dolby Vision and uses QLED technology. The company claims that this will gives 100% of the color volume in the DCI-P3.

LG rolling Tv

LG is going to launched a rolling tv soon, this devise can be rolled-up and put away like a poster and comes with a size of 65 inch. It comes with a touch button to retract it like a door of your shutter. Earlier this year, LG roll-able screen technology at CES.

This new television is just disappears in it’s own metal base when not in use and brings back with a just button of touch in just 10 seconds. This tv also comes with a mode which you can say a music only mode in this mode one-fourth of tv screen shown and rest just hides under its base only music controls and smart device controlling buttons will there in this mode.

Panasonic GX940

The Panasonic Gx940 will comes with big size of 75 inch, supports Google Assistant and Alexa. While like other brands it is also a OLED and work on Pro video processor.

The major specification are 4K LCD panel , Local Dimming Pro, 2200 BMR, Multi HDR support, Dolby Atmos, 20w speakers, Twin tuner, WiFi, Bluetooth and Voice assistant compatible.

Hisense Sonic One

The Chinese Brand, Hisence the third big manufacturer in the world has come-up with the thickest TV measuring with 1.1 inches. This television delivers sounds from panel for nearby audience. Due to its 1.1 inches size, we can all it a super thin TV


Want to enjoy Amazon Prime or Netflix on big screen then Xiaomi televisions are just for you, this tv will comes with Android 9 Pie update in quarter 4, 2019.The major feature are 4K HDR10 enabled LED panels comes with Dolby Audio support

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